Learn Why SEO Should Become Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

How SEO Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, you worry about your income, your expenses, and supplying the best products and services you can to your customers. Have you ever checked on the SEO of your business? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to how prominent a website or even an individual web page will be when internet users make a relevant query on a search engine like Google.  The stronger your SEO, the higher your site or page will appear when those searches are made and TBA Marketing is here to explain why SEO should be part of your marketing strategy.

Did you know that online searches drive a significant share of customer choices?

A report by Acquisio-LSA found that 75 percent of local searches conducted on mobile devices resulted in an in-store visit to a relevant business in the area. Of those visits, 30 percent of those same businesses saw a purchase of some sort being made. What does that have to do with SEO though? SEO will boost your websites visibility even if your online presence is minimal or your rankings are subpar. And as society shifts more and more to digital technology and people continue to rely on their phones, optimizing your website and its content for strong organic rankings should be as crucial to your marketing strategy as any type of advertising. If this is an area you are lacking, you are depriving yourself of potential revenue.

Understanding What Fuels SEO

Improving your SEO requires not only understanding how search engines work, but also knowing how people think and use search engines to find the information that they need. You have to know just what people are looking for when they make online searches. What questions do they have? What words do they use when they search for answers to these questions? Once you have assembled this information, now you have to present that in a digestible way for search engines to be able to read your content and relate it.

For each search that is made on a search engine, billions of pieces of content are scoured. The search engine seeks out any tidbits of information related to the subject of the search, while also evaluating the value of the content on any site that is scoured. Helpful content and keywords are a crucial component of this valuation, as is the overall organization of the site; not to mention the page loading speed…but that’s a topic for another day. While there’s certainly a value for paying for advertising — whether it be in traditional media, on social media like Facebook, or elsewhere online — search engines continue to drive the vast majority of all traffic online. This is why having a solid SEO strategy in place can boost your marketing efforts and drive more consumers to your website.

Why Trust TBA Marketing with your SEO?

You can boost the SEO of your business yourself, if you have the time and willingness to learn the concepts and you have the ability to make updates to your website. Not all business owners have those skills, though. Plus, search engines are constantly updating and getting “smarter”, which means always being ready to adapt your SEO strategy.

Our team at TBA Marketing has the SEO expertise you need to improve the online presence of your business. Our professionals have experience optimizing websites and content and can put the search engines to work for you. By curating strategic content with the right keywords and ideas, the probability increases that your business will become more prominent in relevant online searches. You can find all kinds of companies and consultants that offer SEO services, but quality can vary. Also, remember that no SEO company can guarantee you a first page / position one organic ranking all day / every day on Google. However, that can be achieved through paid SEM (search engine marketing) but that is a blog for another time. Wouldn’t it be better not to pay for ad clicks and instead show up organically?….. of course it is. That is where professionally managed SEO comes into place – Let’s Connect!

Let TBA Marketing handle all the intricacies of your SEO strategy for you. Find out more by contacting us today at (813) 501-2932 or scheduling a consultation online.

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