TJ n Brook - The Co-Founders of TBA MarketingHi! We are TJ & Brook Alcock, the co-founders and owners of TBA Marketing. We each have over 15 years experience in business, sports, and entertainment marketing. We’re passionate about helping company’s of all sizes increase their branding power, gain exposure, grow their lead sources, and earn more money. Between marketing, branding, social media management, targeted advertising, custom print products, web design, and hosting, we’re ready to become your full service marketing agency!

At TBA Marketing, we love helping entrepreneurs, businesses, entertainers, & athletes further their brands. We start by identifying your ideal customer and getting your brand and your content in front of them. We customize strategies for our clients based on their goals and dreams. Finding new customers, generating more leads & conversions, strengthening relationships with existing and future clientele is what we do best. 

Here’s a cool fact: We were the lead marketing & communications team for an international MMA organization for nearly 10 years. All while promoting and growing many local businesses throughout Florida. In 2016 we decided it was time to start our own company and take our love for marketing and web development full time!

Putting our expertise in marketing and social media to work for you is, in many ways, better than having an in-house marketing team on payroll! We’re available when you need us and can offer an outsiders expert perspective, but do not hold you responsible to cover 401k’s or health & medical insurance like a full time employee would need!  

T.J. has been developing websites for over 18+ years and in 2013 Brook started learning to develop as well.  Together, we continue to expand our skills in that field, as google and other search engines shift their requirements to pair up with the rapidly advancing connected and mobile world. With websites generally being the online home and face for most companies, we’ve learned how to get and keep brands at the top of their industry through stellar & sleek web design and marketing strategies.

Brook has a marketing degree from the University of Tampa and excels in social media management and branding. Together, our expertise in the marketing field is has helped hundreds of brands, entertainers, athletes, and individuals take their ideas to levels that were only imagined. We also have extensive expertise in mass media advertising, including tv / radio / billboard ads.

Our company is based in our hometown of Lakeland, the heart of central Florida. Our clients are located as close as around the corner, to across the ocean. While we prefer to meet in person at your business, to get a feel for what you do, we live in a digital world and are never out of reach. We’re always only a click or call away! Contact us today!


As a business owner we know you have a plethora of duties to manage, direct and execute. Our mission is to take the marketing side of the business off your plate, so you can run your company, while knowing your marketing is in great hands.

A Digital Approach: We live in a digital world that has an “always on the go” mentality. Technologies like phones, tablets, & computers have claimed their place in the marketing world. Let us put these technologies to work for you. With over 15 years experience and results, you can trust TBA Marketing LLC.

Being a duo, with a small team of trusted people behind us, we are not looking to take on hundreds of clients at once. Our goal is to find a core group of the right clients and focus on their goals. It’s your company’s time to thrive, don’t get lost in the blur. Let Your Awesome Out!

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