Use Retargeting Ads To Stay In Front Of Your Website Visitors

The business world is always evolving and changing. You have to keep up with the trends, or you’ll risk being left behind. It’s especially challenging from a marketing standpoint to make your brand stand out from the rest. You have to make sure you are using all available tools at your disposal. In this article, we will explain why retargeting needs to be part of your existing marketing strategy.

How does retargeting work? 

Retargeting entails adding a small segment of code to the landing page(s) of your website. When someone visits your site, this code places a cookie into their browser, adding them to an audience list for a specific campaign geared just for those individual users. For a set period of time there-after, those users will see an ad for your business when they visit other sites who have ad placements open. Each time they see the ad, it generates another touch-point back to your business and your brand will be top of mind gaining you additional traction towards them becoming a lead.

Retargeting is such a powerful tool in modern marketing because it is specifically intended for users who already have visited your site or one of the landing pages within it. That means they already have seen your site, and have awareness of your products and services, making them more likely to become paying customers.

What sets apart a great retargeting campaign from the rest? 

If retargeting is so effective, everyone would be doing it, right? And, this technique is becoming both more popular and more widespread. You can take many steps to maximize the effectiveness of your retargeting campaign. Our first recommendation is to segment your visitors so that they see unique ads based on what they saw on their initial visit to your site. For example, if you offer roof repair & replacement, separate the users who looked at your repair page from the ones who looked at the roof replacement. Then, you can adapt the ads they see to make sure the ads are relevant to that initial visit. Remember two key components of any retargeting campaign: a call to action and an offer that you can promote. “Call (###-###-####) For Your Free Roof Repair Assessment.”

But what if they have already become a customer and are just returning for additional info?

In cases such as this, we here at TBA Marketing like to run “Converted” campaigns along-side our “Prospects” campaigns. Visitors who have converted will see different ad sets, with less frequency, than those who have yet to make a purchase or fill out your lead forms. Say you are a pest control company and you have already captured the lead and provided a service for indoor pest control, but now the customer is coming back to read your latest blog on the importance of termite protection. Now you can follow the customer with an ad that says “Schedule A Free Termite Inspection” or perhaps “Subscribe to Our Blog For the Best Information on Pest Control.” There are so many possibilities!!

Still not convinced? Look at the numbers.

According to a survey conducted by Leadpages, three out of four customers were more likely to notice and respond to ads that had been retargeted to them. Retargeted ads also appeal to the younger demographic, with users between the ages of 25 and 34 years old being more likely to click on retargeted and personalized advertisements. Moreover, a survey by Adroll found that 54 percent of business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers consider social media the key to any retargeting campaign. Retargeting ads also cost less, generally less than half the price per click of purchasing a conventional digital advertisement, while producing a click-through or conversion rate that is up to 10 times higher.

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