Increase Sales With Our Online Ordering Platform



Could your business benefit from adding an e-commerce?
Do you have a need to offer curbside, in-house pickup, or delivery service to your brick-and-mortar business? If so, continue reading to find out how our customizable online ordering application can help your business.

Across the U.S., many businesses are having to close their doors or adjust their services because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they may not have the infrastructure to shift to a carry-out, curbside, or delivery-only model… until now! No matter where a business is located in the USA, our team of pro’s here at TBA Marketing can help. Our online ordering platform streamlines the process of implementing pick-up and delivery orders, allowing businesses to continue earning income and employing their staff. Don’t need all of the pieces, or maybe just need e-commerce?….don’t worry we can customize to practically any situation!

Why Choose Our System?

We are offering a logistical, e-commerce system that will facilitate the services offered by your business. Whether you want to offer in-store pick-up, curbside service, delivery, e-commerce + shipping, or all four, our application will make implementing it easy! 

The advantages of our program include the following:

Flexibility – Our application is not just for restaurants. It can be used for ANY business that could benefit from offering curbside or delivery services, or need a better system.

Customizable – Our system can be tailored to match your business’ processes and workflows.

No Competition – You can offer the same convenience as GrubHub, Door Dash or Bite Squad… but as a service exclusive to your business. No more losing sales just because a similar company on the same platform caught the customers eye.

Low to No Fees – Unlike using one of the aforementioned services, you can receive 100% of your product sales. You can also set your delivery or convenience fees you would like, even offer discounts for loyal customers.

Continued Revenue – Your sales will continue even when your brick and mortar has to close its doors. Money will deposit to your bank account nightly through a secure Stripe Credit Card Processing portal.

Convenience – All payments, including tips, can be processed online.

Autonomy – Because this platform is unique to you, you retain control over your range of services, delivery radius, and associated fees. You can use your own staff members or subcontract drivers to provide delivery services.

Admin Tracking – Our portal has order details, payment processes, and color-coded workflow buttons. The portal also has a payouts section which breaks down individual orders and calculates all tip / delivery payouts for each order. As an administrator, you’ll be able to see daily, 7 day, 30 day, and year-to-date breakdowns of sales, including: totals, payouts, and taxes. 

Custom Order Tracking – Built upon similar logic of one of the major pizza delivery chains, our platform allows the customer to receive a text message as the order is progressing through the workflow; Processing > Ready For Pickup > Out For Delivery > Arrived! We also added in a tracking screen, so customers can visualize the process as it updates. 

How do you know if we’re the right fit for your company? 

First, our services do not require you to have a pre-existing website, but we can utilize yours if you have one available. Next, your company does not have to have an existing e-commerce setup, ours can stand-alone. Experience with e-commerce is not necessary, neither is an existing POS system. In many cases, however, we can pair our platform to existing POS systems. Best of all, we care. We want your business to succeed and we want you to earn any additional money you can bring in. An innovation like this, can only help. 

A simple (less than) one-hour training session or read through of our documentation can give you all the information you need to run this program. We are available via video chat for this training, so location doesn’t matter. Our video chat and phone support services will be available to you during business hours. 

What you need in order to benefit from our services are:

  • WiFi
  • A laptop, desktop computer, tablet or cell phone (we offer tablet leasing programs)
  • Your product / service menu, pricing, and any photos you can provide

What are the Next Steps?

Contact us online by filling out the form below. Utilizing video conferencing we can provide you with an in-depth walk-through of our online ordering system, answer any questions you may have, and discuss any further customizations that may be needed. We understand that you need to keep your business running, your income flowing, and your employees working and we CAN help. Our system can be fully installed and ready to produce sales in as little as 24-48 hours.

Are you a marketing agency, web development company, or just someone who knows a company that could benefit from our system? We offer white labeling, as well as referral bonuses!!  Fill out the form below: