Responsive Web Design Explained (GIFs)

Responsive Website Design

What is Responsive Web Design?


Hello Responsive Web Design!

When the iPhone launched in 2007 it introduced a whole new design problem for web developers. How can you get a website to look great on a small screen?  First they tried a grid system but in 2010, a better solution came: responsive design.

Responsive Website Design


Welcome Flat and Responsive Web Design

 As developers embraced responsive design, we also embraced flat design, which focuses on the content of your website versus overdone flashy effects. We started simplifying graphics and highlighting content with visually appealing typography. Today’s result is a web experience that looks equally good on any device; desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Responsive Web Design Flat Web Design

 What is the Future of Web Design?

What does the future hold for web design? Ultimate flexibility, and our guess is that it is not too far away. Designers won’t have to worry about browser compatibility and will be able to make sites look and work however they want on any device. Without technological constraints affecting their work, designers worry less about troubleshooting and will be able to concentrate on creating flawless UI and UX.Responsive Web Design Future of web design

Are You Ready for the Future?

Is your company’s site using responsive web design? If you’re in doubt or would like a complimentary consultation you can schedule a meeting with us >>here<<. Now is the time to move your business forward and “Let Your Awesome Out!”



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