How To Love Your Loyal Customers and Wow New Ones!

new loyal customerWhen is the last time you ran a promotion aimed at new customers? If you’re like most businesses, it was probably pretty recently. Or, you could already have one in place. First, we applaud your efforts, it’s great to offer bonus perks to get customers to try-out your business. With this in mind, what are you doing to ensure you create and take care of loyal customers? We understand, bringing in new business is essential, but don’t forget about your customers after they make their first purchase. Wow them into becoming loyal customers! Loyal customers who are choosing to do repeat business with you, are the sustenance that keep your business alive. Here are some excellent business to business, insider tips to guarantee all your customers are happy; new and returning.

Be Welcoming

When a new customer steps into your shop or contacts you it’s common nature to welcome them with a warm greeting. However, it’s simple to let complacency set in. Don’t forget to continue doing this for loyal welcome new and loyal customerscustomers. Welcome them back, remember their names, perhaps offer them a compliment, and let them know their support is appreciated.

The Purple Onion Deli (in downtown Lakeland, FL) is awesome at this: The owners always make time to stop by my table and thank me for coming in. I’m always greeted by name, with a smile. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make you feel appreciated.

Hire A Friendly Staff

Employees that come in contact with customers are a direct reflection of your business. Loyal customers will see these people more than anyone. On the other hand, it is probable that a new customer will get their first impression of your business from an employee. Hire a staff that cannot only fulfill your job requirements, but also possesses a friendly demeanor. It is not uncommon to lose business due to rude employees.

Listen To Your New & Loyal Customers

Business owners often assume customers call or visit their shop, restaurant,
hearsalon, etc because they are the best at what they do.  Many times it could be the result of convenience, a personal referral, Google search, ad promotion, etc. Be sure to ask them what brought about their interest and what they are seeking. The more you listen, the more you can help. When you help a customer make an informed decision the odds are they will be a repeat customer.

Personally, I follow a gluten-free diet and request a gluten free menu when dining out. If the waiter notices I am using a different menu and can point out specific gluten free items they enjoy it’s always a bonus.

Say Thank You

It happens all the time. Business owners take their regular or loyal customers for granted. Remember to thank them for supporting your business. If you miss seeing them in person, or just want to be sure they know you appreciate them, send an email. Email is a great way to say thank you after a purchase. You can also use email to invite customers back who haven’t stopped by in a while.Loyal customers rewards

Offer Loyalty or Referral Rewards 

Jessica shops so much at your store she’s like a walking billboard for your products. Equally as important, Alan praises your excellent customer service to everyone he talks to. As a result you are constantly  receiving new customers. Rewards programs are perfect for these loyal customers. They can even show your potential customers that you care about keeping their business if they do make a purchase with you – win, win!


Remember, competitors would love to have your customers. Proving you care about them can give you a competitive advantage.

Frederich F. Reichheld author of The Loyalty Effect admits it is more profitable for a business to keep a customer rather than constantly searching for new ones. Happy, loyal customers often provide businesses with new referrals and increased profits. If they remain satisfied, these individuals likely to return and pay more, rather than look your competitor for a cheaper alternative.

If you would like assistance in setting up a customer retention program, email campaign or other marketing services drop us a message, we would be delighted to help!

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