Facebook Ad Metrics – New Additions & Removals – April 2019

Coming – April 2019

Starting April 30, 2019 these metrics will no longer be available in our product interfaces or in the release of Ads Insights API v3.3. Below are recommendations on the metrics to use instead:

  • Offers Saved and Cost Per Offers SavedWe are removing Offers Saved and Cost per Offers Saved metric and introducing a new Post Saves that will serve as a more inclusive metric for measuring when ads are being saved. We learned that marketers wanted more visibility into when all their ads were being saved, beyond just Offer Ads. The new Post Saves metric will measure the number of times your ad was saved, including all Offer Ad saves. The Post Saves metric will be introduced gradually starting from March 12, 2019, and will count the post saves that occurred on or after February 4, 2019.
  • Relevance Score: We’re replacing Relevance Score metric and replacing that with a new set of ad relevance diagnostics that are clearer and more actionable. Quality RankingEngagement Rate Ranking, and Conversion Rate Ranking can help you better diagnose whether the ads you ran were relevant to the audience you reached. The metrics are best used together, and we’ve provided additional guidance to help you interpret and act on different results. Ad relevance diagnostics will be introduced gradually and will reflect your ad’s performance in ad auctions that ran on or after March 19, 2019.
  • Messaging Replies and Cost per Messaging ReplyWe are removing Messaging Replies and Cost per Messaging Reply and replacing it with New Messaging Connections and Messaging Conversations Started. Replies can measure replies within new or existing conversations that are attributed to your ad. However we heard feedback that Messaging Replies were not as valuable because marketers are more interested in the NEW conversations that began with people who had never messaged with their business before OR messaging conversations that started after a period of inactivity. New Messaging Connections only measures new conversations, excluding conversations with people who have sent a message to your business in the past. Messaging Conversations Started measures the number of times people started messaging your business after at least 7 days of inactivity.
  • Mobile App Purchase ROAS and Web Purchase ROAS:Our ROAS metrics will now be aggregated across channels. ROAS metrics allow you to understand the Return On Ad Spend of your ads. Previously, our ROAS metrics were channel specific (i.e. Mobile, Web, On-Facebook). Since the customer’s path to purchase is increasingly omni-channel, we need to look at ROAS across channels and consolidate channel specific ROAS metrics into one, holistic Purchase ROAS metric.

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